Patagonia Granite

Patagonia Granite is a magnificent natural stone sourced from the rugged and enchanting landscapes of Patagonia, a region shared by Argentina and Chile. This stunning granite slab features a creamy background adorned with large, captivating patches and specks of browns, grays, black, and white. The stone's intricate patterns resemble the diverse landscapes found in Patagonia, from the majestic mountains to the rugged plains and icy glaciers. With its rich and varied color palette, Patagonia Granite exudes a sense of natural wonder and timeless beauty, making it a prized choice for creating statement pieces like kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, and accent walls. It infuses any space with a touch of sophistication and a tribute to the awe-inspiring landscapes of its namesake region.
Available Thickness: 2cm
Available Finish: Polished
Available Sizes: 114" x 78" = 61.75 Ft2
Available Batches: #BL07186
   Countertops Residential: Yes      Countertops Commercial: Yes
   Wall Residential: Yes      Wall Commercial: Yes
   Flooring Residential: Yes      Flooring Commercial: Yes
   Fireplace Use: Yes      Exterior Use: Yes