Metalicus Granite

Metalicus Granite is a captivating natural stone that showcases a mesmerizing blend of swirling dark gray hues, adorned with hints of brown and sparkling silver specks. This stunning granite slab exudes an air of sophistication and modern elegance, resembling a night sky filled with stars. The interplay of colors and the glimmering specks create a sense of depth and movement, making each slab a unique work of art. With its exceptional durability and resistance to wear, Metalicus is a perfect choice for statement pieces like kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, and accent walls. It transforms any space into a realm of timeless beauty, infusing it with a touch of understated luxury and celestial allure.
Available Thickness: 2cm
Available Finish: Leathered
Available Sizes: 127" x 69" = 60.85 Ft2
Available Batches: #190660
   Countertops Residential: Yes      Countertops Commercial: Yes
   Wall Residential: Yes      Wall Commercial: Yes
   Flooring Residential: Yes      Flooring Commercial: Yes
   Fireplace Use: Yes      Exterior Use: Yes