Lemurian Blue Granite

Lemurian Blue Granite is an extraordinary natural stone sourced from the exotic regions of Madagascar, where nature's wonders unfold in captivating splendor. This mesmerizing granite slab showcases a breathtaking blend of deep blues, silvery greys, and occasional flashes of sparkling white, resembling the ethereal beauty of an otherworldly landscape. The stone's unique patterns and color variations evoke a sense of mystery and fascination, reminiscent of the legendary Lemurian civilization. With its exceptional durability and resilience, Lemurian Blue becomes an exceptional choice for luxurious kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, and various interior and exterior applications, infusing any space with a touch of enchantment and timeless elegance.
Available Thickness: 2cm
Available Finish: Polished
Available Sizes: 122" x 65" = 55 Ft2
Available Batches: #B6816
   Countertops Residential: Yes      Countertops Commercial: Yes
   Wall Residential: Yes      Wall Commercial: Yes
   Flooring Residential: Yes      Flooring Commercial: Yes
   Fireplace Use: Yes      Exterior Use: Yes