Jeriba Blue Granite

Jeriba Blue Granite is a stunning natural stone that boasts a mesmerizing blend of blues, enriched by delicate veining in brown, cream, gray, and adorned with subtle white specks. This captivating granite slab evokes the tranquil beauty of ocean waves gracefully caressing the shoreline. The interplay of colors and patterns creates a sense of movement and depth, making each slab a unique work of art. With its exceptional durability and resistance to wear, Jeriba Blue is an excellent choice for various interior and exterior applications, including kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, and accent walls. It brings a touch of coastal allure and timeless elegance to any living space it graces.
Available Thickness: 2cm
Available Finish: Polished
Available Sizes: 131" x 79" = 71.87 Ft2
Available Batches: #BG12305
   Countertops Residential: Yes      Countertops Commercial: Yes
   Wall Residential: Yes      Wall Commercial: Yes
   Flooring Residential: Yes      Flooring Commercial: Yes
   Fireplace Use: Yes      Exterior Use: Yes