Atlantic Grey Deep+Tek Granite

Atlantic Grey Deep+Tek Granite epitomizes contemporary sophistication with its sleek and timeless appeal. This natural stone surface boasts a luxurious deep gray infused with subtle hints of lighter hues, reminiscent of the depths of the ocean. Its rough finish enhances the granite's inherent elegance while the surface exhibits a remarkable resistance to stains and wear, thanks to its advanced Deep+Tek treatment. Each slab bears a unique pattern, characterized by subtle veining and mineral flecks, lending an air of exclusivity to any application, be it kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, or flooring. Atlantic Grey Deep+Tek redefines modern aesthetics, combining beauty with durability for enduring style.
Available Thickness: 2cm
Available Finish: Deep+Tek
Available Sizes: 125" x 76" = 60 Ft2
Available Batches: #07879
   Countertops Residential: Yes      Countertops Commercial: Yes
   Wall Residential: Yes      Wall Commercial: Yes
   Flooring Residential: Yes      Flooring Commercial: Yes
   Fireplace Use: Yes      Exterior Use: Yes